Apple Watch Series 10: Bigger Screen, Sleeker Design, But Health Features on Hold

Apple has major updates in store for this year’s Apple Watch Series 10. The new line-up will boast larger screens, a slimmer design, and improved performance.

However, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has faced some difficulties in implementing new health features.

Apple Watch Series 10 and Watch Ultra 3

According to Mark Gurman, the upcoming Apple Watch Series 10 models, codenamed N217 and N218, will feature larger screens. The larger model is set to have a 2-inch display, slightly surpassing the Apple Watch Ultra’s 1.93-inch screen. Additionally, the Series 10 will be thinner, although its overall design will remain largely unchanged.

Apple Watch Series 10
Apple Watch Series 10

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 10 and Apple Watch Ultra 3 will feature a more powerful processor. This advancement opens the door for potential AI enhancements in the future. However, according to Gurman, Apple does not currently plan to introduce the full range of Apple Intelligence features to the Apple Watch.

Health Features

Earlier reports indicated that the Apple Watch Series 10 would feature blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection. Despite making notable advancements last year, Apple has encountered considerable challenges in implementing these features.

The blood pressure feature has faced reliability issues during testing, which might postpone its launch. Once released, it will display blood pressure trends rather than precise measurements.

Apple Watch Series 10
Apple Watch Series 10

The sleep apnea detection feature, which relies on blood oxygen data, encounters several challenges. Additionally, current Apple Watch models in the U.S. do not include blood oxygen monitoring due to an import ban imposed by the International Trade Commission (ITC).

Gurman anticipates that Apple will either resolve the issue by September or find an alternative solution, which could potentially delay the feature’s release.

Apple Watch X

Gurman has previously hinted at Apple’s plans for a major “Apple Watch X” overhaul to celebrate the device’s 10th anniversary. However, it’s still uncertain whether this year’s Apple Watch will carry the anniversary branding or if a more significant release is being scheduled for 2025.

According to Gurman, Apple might either commemorate their anniversary this year or plan a more substantial launch for next year.

Apple Watch SE

Apple is working on new models of the Apple Watch, including the Series 10, Ultra 2, and an updated Apple Watch SE. According to Gurman, the company is considering changing the SE’s design from aluminum to plastic to reduce costs.

The new pricing strategy could reduce the starting price from the current $249, making it more competitive with Samsung’s Galaxy Watch FE, which is priced at $199.

Launch Date?

The highly anticipated Apple Watch Series 10 and Apple Watch Ultra 3 are set to debut in September, alongside the release of the iPhone 16. This launch promises to deliver cutting-edge features and advancements, further solidifying Apple’s position in the wearable technology market. Keep an eye out for these exciting new devices and the innovations they will bring.

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