Introducing the New Honor MagicPad with Cutting-Edge AI Vision Relief Technology

Zhao Ming, the CEO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd., recently announced that the forthcoming Honor MagicPad will feature the same AI defocus vision relief technology as the anticipated Honor Magic V3. This new tablet is set to be the successor to the high-end Honor MagicPad 13, which was launched in July of last year.

Revolutionary Eye-Safe AI Defocus Vision with 4320Hz PWM Technology

The upcoming Honor MagicPad is anticipated to feature 4320Hz high-frequency PWM (pulse-width modulation) dimming, a technology first introduced by the Honor Magic 6 series. According to the IEEE Std1789-2015 international standard, display flicker is considered almost eye-safe when the PWM frequency exceeds 3125Hz. Therefore, both the Honor Magic 6 and the high-end MagicPad can be regarded as eye-safe for users in terms of display flickering.

The upcoming MagicPad is set to tackle eye fatigue with several advanced features, including improved DC dimming. This technology enhances color accuracy and provides eye protection, even at low brightness levels.

Additionally, a tipster revealed that Honor has applied for a patent for AI-defocused vision relief technology. This innovation makes the screen appear like a defocused lens, offering significant vision relief for users. Combined with a 4320Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, the AI-defocused vision relief underscores Honor’s commitment to eye safety.

The highly anticipated new MagicPad is set to debut in July alongside the Honor Magic V3, which promises to be even thinner than its predecessor, the Honor Magic V2, which was 9.9 mm thick and launched last July.

To give you a sense of what to expect from the upcoming tablet, consider the features of last year’s MagicPad 13. It boasted a 13-inch IMAX Enhanced TFT LCD display with a resolution of 1840 x 2880 pixels, delivering a pixel density of approximately 263 ppi. The screen supported HDR10 and achieved a peak brightness of 700 nits. Weighing between 660g and 673g, the MagicPad 13 was powered by the Snapdragon 888 5G chipset and featured a robust 10,050 mAh battery.

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