Rockstar Enlisted Real Gang Members to Voice GTA San Andreas Characters

  • Rockstar Games has always been a secretive developer, but more behind-the-scenes info has been being shared by ex-developers.
  • Former audio director and radio host Lazlow Jones recently revealed in an interview the lengths Rockstar goes to for audio authenticity.
  • This included working with “real gang members” during the development of GTA: San Andreas.

Lazlow Jones, former audio director and writer at Rockstar Games, disclosed in an interview that the studio enlisted actual gang members to record dialogue for GTA: San Andreas.

Rockstar Games, known for its secretive nature due to the immense popularity of its games, has gained a reputation as one of the most tightly controlled studios in the industry in recent years. Despite this, occasional discoveries like audio bloopers in Red Dead Redemption 2 garner significant attention, shedding light on the studio’s behind-the-scenes workings.

Recently, Rockstar Games has become more open about the development process behind the 3D GTA trilogy on PS2, revealing intriguing insights. Former Rockstar developer Obbe Vermeij has been a key source, sharing tidbits on Twitter. Additionally, other ex-Rockstar members are now beginning to share their experiences, shedding light on their time at the studio.

Unlocking GTA San Andreas: Authentic Gang Member Audio Unveiled

Lazlow Jones, a seasoned veteran at Rockstar Games known for his roles as audio director, writer, and iconic radio station host within the Grand Theft Auto series, recently shared insights into his tenure with the studio. In an interview with Kinda Funny Games covered by GamesRadar+, Jones delved into his past projects at Rockstar and hinted at his upcoming ventures at Absurd Ventures.

During the interview, Jones discussed the evolution of his role at Rockstar, highlighting how his position as audio director took him around the world in search of authenticity. He revealed that during the development of GTA: San Andreas, Rockstar went as far as hiring actual gang members to voice NPCs. This decision sparked some controversy and disagreements over the script.

“Since the days of San Andreas, we’ve maintained a commitment to authenticity. The gang members featured in the game were actual recruits who provided voiceovers. When they came into the studio, we’d present them with scripts. They often told us, ‘We wouldn’t say that. We’d say this instead.’ In response, we encouraged them to speak in their own words.”

It’s quite intriguing, and surprisingly new from Rockstar, that Jones points out. Besides this, he mentions that during the development of Red Dead Redemption 2, the team traveled to Santa Fe to collaborate with Native American communities and also visited New Orleans.

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