Best Reasons to Buy a OLED TV instead of any other LED TV!

Finding the best TV for your viewing lifestyle isn't an easy endeavor, or a quick one at that.

There's a lot of thought and energy that needs to go into figuring out which TV will act as the center of your entertainment system, and that involves determining what you enjoy on screen.

Thus, the screen is a good starting point in the decision-making process.

In general, there are two distinct types of screens available. Organic LED (OLED) TVs feature myriad tiny emissive pixels that can individually be turned on and off.

As a result, OLED screens can achieve incredible contrast, with portions of the screen able to turn completely black.

LED TVs, alternatively, use blacklight, and while these TVs can achieve impressive brightness as a result,

they tend to struggle with contrast, as even though the backlight dims, it can't turn completely off.

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