HORI announced a special gamepad for Steam Deck!

HORI, a manufacturer of popular gaming accessories have today revealed the Wireless Horipad for Steam.

So if you're in need of a gamepad, this might be for you.

Linux and Steam Deck support is impacted by the mention of a dedicated app for certain buttons on controllers, as seen with 8BitDo.

HORI showcases Steam Input with back paddles listed, suggesting full support for a dedicated Steam controller. Steam Deck is mentioned repeatedly.

Features: – Back paddles (L4/R4) and 2 extra custom buttons (M1/M2) right on the bottom. – A dedicated Quick Access button.

– Support for Bluetooth, XInput and DirectInput, but seems XInput only via Wired connection. – Estimated 12 hour battery life (3.5 hours to fully charge).

– Gyro in the "Steam mode". With the sticks having a touch sensor too. – Rapid fire ability on face buttons (ABXY).

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