Researchers develop the fastest possible flow algorithm

Rasmus Kyng and his team have developed a superfast algorithm that is expected to revolutionize a whole research field.

The groundbreaking work by Kyng's team involves what is known as a network flow algorithm

which tackles the question of how to achieve the maximum flow in a network while simultaneously minimizing transport costs.

Imagine you are using the European transportation network and looking for the fastest and cheapest route to move as many goods as possible from Copenhagen to Milan.

Kyng's algorithm can be applied in such cases to calculate the optimal, lowest-cost traffic flow for any kind of network—be it rail, road, water or the internet.

His algorithm performs these computations so fast that it can deliver the solution at the very moment a computer reads the data that describes the network.

Before Kyng, no one had ever managed to do that—even though researchers have been working on this problem for some 90 years.

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