Shareholder of Square Enix questions the company president!

A shareholder at a recent Square Enix investor meeting reportedly questioned the company's relationship with Sweet Baby Inc.

According to the self-described “shareholder meeting enthusiast” (as written in their X profile page and machine translated via Google Translate)

the shareholder Q&A portion of the meeting saw current Square Enix president Takashi Kiryu pressed on a number of hard topics

including whether the lack of new info on Dragon Quest XII contributed to recent losses, what their future sales targets looked like

how they planned to protect their copyrighted works from being scraped for AI generation tools.

Among these topics was the company’s current relationship with Sweet Baby Inc., to which a shareholder reportedly asked, “I’m personally happy about the shift from quantity to quality.

I hope good titles will come out in the future. I’m concerned about the Canadian consulting company ‘Sweet Baby Inc.’

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